Safe and Healthy Dietary Life

Safe and Healthy Dietary Life

Product Center of Corno Macaroni Co.Ltd.

Corno Macaroni Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 1946, has consistently been engaging in the manufacturing of pasta products. We have kept contributing to the diversified diet since then. However, amidst the intense competitions with foreign and domestic manufacturers, our business environment is getting more and more fluctuated with uncertainties. "Keep in mind the higher quality and lower cost production." This is our motto to face up to possible changes in the market. In 1993 we constructed the Product Center in Kanra-machi, Gunma Prefecture, about 100km to the north of Tokyo district. Kanra-machi is a twin town of Certaldo, Italy. We introduced a highly advanced computer-generated production management system, and started operating the two lines of manufacturing facilities; one for long goods and one for short goods. In 2000, we were qualified for ISO 9001-2000. In 2007, we updated the line of short goods in order to fit in with present-day consumer’s requirements. The installment is quite instrumental in line-streaming the whole short products and developing new ones.

●Beautiful streets in Kanra-machi

It was our pride that our products constantly have provided reliability for people young and old alike with carefully selected material on the concept of putting productive safeness first for the sake of public healthiness.
It is also our pride to say that we shall remain unchanged in our positiveness to the idea of customers first.

Isao Iguchi

Corno Macaroni Co. Ltd.