Corporate Profile

Quality arises from the laCorno Macaroni Product Center equipment and technology

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Corporate Plofile

Company name:  Corno Macaroni Co. Ltd.
Representative:  Isao Iguchi, CEO & President
Address: 4-3-2 Shakujii-machi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL +3-3997-2111 FAX +3-3997-2118
Foundation: April 1946
Capital fund:

28 million yen

・Product Center

Address: 686 Shirakura, Kanra-machi, Kanra-gun, Gunma, JAPAN
TEL +274-74-6611 FAX +274-74-6634

- Braibanti’s (Italy) ultra-high temperature dry spaghetti processor:
1 line (monthly production: 600t)

- Anselmo’s (Italy) ultra-high temperature dry macaroni processor:
1 line (monthly production: 300t)

Site area: 5,000 sq.m.
Total building area: 3,093 sq.m.

Corporate History

1949 November Inaugurated as the Macaroni Division at Shinto Seifun K.K. Begin processing on commission as the Ministry of Agriculture’s contract factory.
1952 May

(Monthly production capacity: 20t)
With the Food Control Act lifted, registered as a macaroni manufacturer and dealer with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

1956 July (Monthly production capacity: 45t)
Installation of Rossi’s (Italy) macaroni processor, backup pasta dryer, and finish dryer.
1960 April

Split-off from Shinto Seifun K.K. to be established as Corno Macaroni Co.

1960 September (Monthly production capacity: 75t)
Completion of the new factory. Installation of two Braibanti’s (Italy) pasta dryers.
1967 February

(Monthly production capacity: 200t)
Manufacture facilities enhancement.
Begin spaghetti manufacturing.

1975 April         

(Monthly production capacity: 375t)
Installation of Bueler’s (Switzerland) spaghetti processing line.
Establishment of the Sales Office focused on commercial-use and catering industry clients.

1983 December

(Monthly production capacity: 450t)
Switzerland) macaroni dryer.

1984 April

Signing of an agreement with Braibanti (Italy) sole distributorship of Braibanti’s past imported from Italy to Japan.
Enhancement of flour and sugar purchases for catering industry clients.

1987 July

(Monthly production capacity: 525t)
Renewal of Bueler’s (Switzerland) macaroni dryer.

1993 February

Completion of a new factory (Product Center).
Shut down of the old factory.
Merger of Shinto Seifun K.K. and Corno Macaroni Co., and the new company to be named Corno Macaroni Co.

1993 March

Renewal of Braibant’s (Italy) spaghetti processing line.

1993 May

(Monthly production capacity: 825t)
Relocation of Bueler’s (Switzerland) macaroni processing line from the old factory to the new Product Center.

1994 June

Completion of the Head Office building (the location of the old factory).

2001 December

Acquired ISO9001-2000.

2004 October

Awarded the Health Minister’s Award for the Excellent Food Service Sanitation Facility

2007 June

(Monthly production capacity: 900t)
Renewal of Anselmo’s (Italy) ultra-high temperature dry macaroni processor line.

2011 September

Inaugurated President and Representative Director Isao Iguchi

2018 September

Acquired FSSC22000:Varsion 4.1
Food Safety System Certification(FSSC) 22000:Varsio4.1
The Design/Development And Manufacture Of Pasta (Spaghetti,Macaroni,Etc)